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2024 Election Information (Check back often for new/updated information)

Primary Election day March 5, 2024

-Early voting will be at the Henderson County Board of Election office only, beginning Feb. 15, 2024!!

General Election is November 5th, 2024


Sample Republican Primary Ballot linked here

CHECK YOUR POLLING PLACE HERE (enter your address on the righthand side)

Many people end up at the wrong place on election day so check beforehand or you can stop by HC GOP HQ if you'd like help verifying.

Absentee Voting!!  You can access the request form here and the ballot will be mailed to you beginning Jan 12th, 60 days before the election. In order for the ballot to be counted it MUST be at the Board of Elections office BEFORE 7:30 pm ON ELECTION DAY!!! It is recommended that you mail it 10 days before the election day or drop it off in person at the BoE office. A list of 'near-relatives' who can drop it off for you is listed in the instructions. Additional info can be found here.


Check here for a list of upcoming candidate events


Dist 11 House of Representatives


Lt. Governor

Sec. of State

Board of Commissioners
Board of Education
City of Hendersonville
Town of Fletcher
Village of Flat Rock
Town of Laurel Park
Town of Mills River
Town of Saluda
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