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HC GOP Leadership

Brett Callaway


Sharon Madison


Cyndy Wiley

Vice Chairwoman

Marissa Hill


Derek Prickett

Finance Committee Chairman

HC GOP Members at Large

40 year participant in HC GOP Conventions, POD 4 Coordinator, North Blue Ridge precinct Chair

Cliff Bishop

Fletcher Precinct Vice Chair

Kim Lance

Former Florida City Council member, POD 3 Coordinator, Hendersonville - 1 Precinct Chair

Larry Shealy

President, Henderson County Republican Women’s Club, Park Ridge Vice Chair

Tara Burdette

Precinct PALS Leader, POD 2 Coordinator, Hendersonville - 2 Precinct Chair

Corrine Mandell

Active in HCRWC, Take Back Hendersonville Task Force, POD 5 Coordinator, Horse Shoe Precinct Chair

Cher Silvius

County Commissioner, District 5

David Hill

Edneyville Precinct Chair

Doug Moon

Raven Rock Precinct Chair

Cynthia Hyde

Lieutenant, Valley Hill Fire and Rescue, South Blue Ridge Precinct Chair

Mike Peace


  • Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

  • Election Integrity

  • Voter Registration

  • Prayer Team

  • Events/Conventions

  • Office Greeting Staff

  • Finance

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